Agentura GAIA

is a civic association, founded in 1997, searching for new forms of communication among people in the sphere of protection of the nature, education and culture. We are grouping individuals who care about the environment in which we live, and the way which we live. We welcome adults and children, people of all age groups and professions. Agentura GAIA participates in several international and social networks, cooperating in the exchange of information.

The mission of the GAIA Agency (from its Constitution):

The civic association GAIA is an independent and non-political institution, concerned with the conservation of nature and landscape, seeking new forms of human communication in environmental protection and education.

Goals of the GAIA Agency:

  • The main goal and mission of the Association is the conservation of nature and landscape. The Association also participates in preventing and solving negative effects of human activity on the environment, with a stress on the improvement of interpersonal communication.
  • In pusuit of these goals the Association carries out projects assisting citizens in their environmental interests.
  • In addition to educational, consulting, information and legal services the Association offers practical assistance and public education activities, both within and without its projects.
  • The Association establishes and maintains contacts and cooperation with individuals and institutions of similar interests at home and abroad.
  • The Association conceives and carries out projects and programmes aiming in this direction, and initiates cooperation between governmental an non-governmental bodies.

If our goals and activities appeal to you, we'll be happy to welcome you as a member. The minimum membership fee is 200 Kč/year, to be paid at the account number 0007312349/0800 of the bank Česká spořitelna, Praha 2, Jugoslávská 19. Our Organization Identification Number (IČO) is 65997883.



Staff members

Marie Haisová – director
Adéla Purschová – administration, newsletter
Eva Collinsová – co-ordinator LETS"
Petr Hais – technical co-operation, internet
Alice Müllerová – co-ordinator "Do you know your space? - Radhošťská"
Marie Veselá – accountant

Execitive Board

Marie Haisová - president
Pavel Rozsypal – auditor
Marta Hrabáková
Jaroslav Knápek

Honorary Board

Joan Dine – International Women´s club, Czech republic
Dagmar Jáňová - editor of the Czech Radio broadcast, Czech republic
Benjamin Kuras - British-Czech writer, Great Britain
Martin Patřičný - designer, Czech republic
Reinhold Pape - Acid Rain, Sweden
Alexander Tomský - Publishing House Academia, Czech republic

All members of the civic association are listed in GAIA Agency Bulletins, published four times a year.

Become Our Friend

Your help and co-operation is the condition for the good results of Agentura GAIA You can turn to it with confidence within the framework of the programs we have presented and through which we will be your partners.

Try to take the first step by mailing the coupon to our address. We are financed exclusively by gifts, so that any contribution are welcomed. Further, you have the choice to become a member of Agentura GAIA (paying membership dues), our sympathizers support us with financial or other gifts.

Agentura GAIA is looking forward to your answer and will be happy to inform you about all events at which we can get to know on another better.