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  • How to Start and Run a Successful NGO
  • Time Management and Team Building Techniques
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism
  • Sustainable Living and the Feminine Approach
  • Self-Assurance and Goal Setting
  • The Environment in Which We Live…and Which Shapes U
  • Alternatives to the Consumer Lifestyle
  • Children and Education: Creativity, Tolerance, Communication, and Interpersonal Relations

It is possible to include all themes presented in the three day seminar. If an option consist of only one or two concrete lectures, half or only a one day seminar will be available.

The optimal number of participants should range between 10 and 15 pople. Seminars that should be longer than three days could be organized as a whole and different themes could be connected or lectured separately. Time and place of the seminars should be set by the person that requests the seminar and consulted with Agentura GAIA.


Lectures that already took place:

Conferences and Seminars

Marie Haisova, MBA
Czech Republic


Diverse Women for Diversity Prague
Mediator "Life is Not for Sale" September 2000
Masaryk Library Vsetín Vsetín
Speaker "Freedom and Responsibility" September 2000
Municipality of Prague Prague
Speaker "Praga-Natura Megapolis" August 2000
Čajovna Altán Žatec
Speaker "Women in Politics" March 2000
Municipality of Prague Prague
Speaker "Work as a Drug" November 2000
USIS-American Cultural Centre Prague
Speaker "Use of GMO: May 1999
Municipality of Olomouc Olomouc
Speaker "Environmental Days" April 1998


Ashoka Innovative for Public London, England
Workshop "Women and the Environment" October 2000
92 Gruppen Copenhagen, Denmark
Delegate "Rio+8 NGO Forum" June 2000
Heinrich Boell Foundation Brussel, Belgium
Roundtable Participant "Rio+8" June 2000
Diverse Women for Diversity Nairobi, Kenya
Delegate "Biosafety" May 2000
Diverse Women for Diversity Seattle, USA
Delegate DWD International Meeting November 1999
A SEED Holland Bryansk, Russia
Delegate "NGO Strategy of GMO" November 1999
UNEP Geneve, Switzerland
NGO Delegate "POPs" September 1999
UNIDO Vienna, Austria
Delegate "Biotechnology in Public" December 1998
IGU Marienthal, Germany
Speaker "Environmental Kindergarten" September 1998
Balaton Group Balaton, Hungary
Speaker "Consumption Culture came in September, 1995