Agentura GAIA project supported by the European Commission, Ministry of Labor and Social affairs of the Czech Republic and the Heinrich Böll Foundation

Time Is Life - equality between the feminine and masculine principles

The project aims:

at contributing to the creation of a harmonious society balancing the feminine and masculine principles and social roles. If we want to understand the world, it is important to be aware of both principles with all their physical and psychological specificities and to work with them. Our starting point is the fact that contemporary society is dominated by negative phenomena such as a devastated environment, violence, drugs, war, corruption, unhappy individuals, unsatisfactory interpersonal relations.

What is the reason for this situation? Is it the patriarchal establishment, in which all the strategic decisions are made by men? Why do not women have a greater influence on society? Does the reason consist in their lack of self-assurance or in the lack of time, which they invest in caring for the family without being entitled to any reward nor having their work reflected in the GDP? How come they do not realize they are being manipulated and such manipulation is harming the society as a whole?

Experience teaches us that women consider themselves as part of nature, do not see nature as something ”outside” of them. Therefore it can be expected that theirs will be a more sensitive and caring approach to managing not only nature, but also resources - human, time and financial ones.

Our task is to raise public awareness of wonen’s values, such as:

  • a positive approach to life
  • love, care, concern
  • emphasis on ‘being’ instead of ‘having’,
  • perceiving relations and connections within the world
  • a sense of equality instead of hierarchical superiority
  • understanding on the basis of empathy and intuition
  • the giver of life knows how hard it is to give life and raise it and how easy it is to kill

The author of the project is Marie Haisová, Agentura GAIA executive. Participants: ATTAC France, PROYECTOS COMUNITARIOS Spain, Občanská inspirace Prague, Mateřské centrum Poděbrady, Czech Republic, Deutscher Gewerkschafts Bund Germany, Women in Europe for a Common Future Netherlands, Academia Prague, AK Agentura Prague.

The project includes seminars, conferences and practical exercises which can be sollicited at the following contact: Agentura GAIA
tel.: 604 946516, e-mail: marie.haisova@seznam.cz



  • time and organizing one’s own life
  • the art of giving and receiving criticism
  • contents and form of our behavior
  • the environment in which we live and which shapes us

Within the framework of the project you can order the following materials:

  • Collected proceedings “Life Is not for Sale”, Women, children, nature - alternative to World Bank, MMF a World Trade Organization policies. The price of the brochure is USD 3.00 + postage, English-Czech version; it is on offer at the Agentura GAIA address.
  • Videodocument – filmed by the French company Les Pénélopes showing the negative impacts of globalization in different parts of the world. Price USD 10.00 + postage, total length 30 min. Czech subtitles, to be bought at the Agentura GAIA address.