Agentura GAIA - who are we

seeks ways to cultivate new attitudes toward the environment and among people themselves

“GAIA is the Earth goddess, mother of all living things on the Earth.”
According to Greek mythology

  • Agentura GAIA sends a present to the members of European parliament through the congressman Vladimir Lastuvka.

  • Gaia Annual Report for the year 2002 ready for download here. (pdf), 220Kb.


Agentura GAIA
p.o. box 2
106 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic
phone: 774 946 517

Healing Our Planet Earth


Green means life

  • Planting seeds of eco-schools - local NGO aims to raise children's eco-awareness (Prague Post)
  • Planting trees in the streets Lublaòská, Wenzigova, Legerova in Prague 2, Kubelíkova in Prague 3.
  • Salvaging trees lining the streets Pilská, Novozámecká and Kyjský mlýn in Prague 14
  • Restoring the park surrounding the primary school and kindergarten in Prague 9 – Hostavice
  • ”Buy Your Tree” – continuous campaign emhasizing the significance of greenery and our responsibility for its state
  • ”Do You Know Your Space?” – joint work by community and neighbours in the inner courtyard at Radhošská street in Prague 3


Women and the enviroment


  • Thought, Word, Action - Marie Haisová, MBA, Sheffield Hallam University, Director of Agentura GAIA, Czech Republic. Experienced in the field of environmental and social development offers: seminars, public speaking on environmental and social issues

Environment-friendly conduct pays

  • Dialog for 21st Century” – a program of round tables with representatives of the industry and multinational companies on the responsibility by preserving life on the Earth
  • ”We in the 21st Century” – creation of model ecological kindergarten in Klatovy, with the participation of the holder of the Saxon state prize for architecture O. Reiter
  • ”The Ecological Way to Common Europe”, educational cultural program, by means of which we help pupils at primary schools to develop their personalities and orientation in democratic society, related teamwork and protection of our environment.

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